Plot (And all questions about it)

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Plot (And all questions about it)

Post  God on 18.03.10 16:00

So this is earth. After a World War III ( or IV) . In war, they used nuclear weapons and some thing even worse.
Towns were destroyed , land burned . Radiation, chemicals and something else changed the climate - No plants can grow in the soil , animals turned into mutant beasts, strange creatures crawled from beneath the ground, even the magnetic poles change twice a year. It is hard to live, there are bounty hunters and adventurers that hunt for money, there are slavers, gangs, mole people , and worst of all - law holds no power. Well... only some...

Now, were you come in ? I don't know. maybe you were frozen through the war, maybe you flew in by some capsule, maybe you just decided to go adventuring and see more than your town.Nevertheless , you have to find a way to a better life, better world, better.. Home...

Anything you need to know about this ?

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