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Macbeth Wright

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1. Name , last name, surname , nick name and so on. Macbeth Wright
2. Race, form and something like that ( yes you can be a android or some kind of mutant ) Cursed mutant.
3. Age , background story if you want, and something like that. Before war he was scientist and last moment he sealed him self to capsule, but during the war capsule broken so Macbeth mutated.
4. Capabilities . Like guns, swords, maybe crafting or droving if you like. Have bionic left arm, skilled sword fighter, athlete, after mutation contain strange powers. Weapons: Two small double barreled shotgun's, hidden blades, sword and bow.
5. A picture. If you don't have one, take some and write what do you like, or you can just write how you look and go on with your life. Without cape:

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Re: Macbeth Wright

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