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Marcus Fynix

Post  Macbeth on 22.04.10 13:09

1. Name , last name, Marcus Fynix
2. Race Mutant
3. Age , background story if you want, and something like that. Was a marine. Then was invited to Umbrella corporation. Signed to project called Rebirth. They modificated him in to a mutant. Before war he and his teammates ,with a capsule, had been sended to space.
4. Capabilities .Good at shooting and close fight like swords and fists. Has organic suit (look at the pic) which connecting directly to mind and body of Marcus. Its like the one being. Suit have a lot of ability's and it can change its appearance. For fight Marcus use two samurai swords or his modifiable rifle. Sometimes two desert eagle's.
5. A picture. If you don't have one, take some and write what do you like, or you can just write how you look and go on with your life.

Umbrella sight on left shoulder:

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