A guide how to create a char.

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A guide how to create a char.

Post  God on 19.03.10 14:19

For starters, make another topic that will be named like your character ( char )

input these details :

1. Name , last name, surname , nick name and so on.
2. Race, form and something like that ( yes you can be a android or some kind of mutant )
3. Age , background story if you want, and something like that.
4. Capabilities . Like guns, swords, maybe crafting or droving if you like.
5. A picture. If you don't have one, take some and write what do you like, or you can just write how you look and go on with your life.

Then just post it, other will be able to comment on you char, so please , don't say that it's bad or smthing, I'll be the judge of that, just ask what you want to know more about the char or suggest some changes.

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